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Google Chrome Apps

Beginning in 2023, Google Chrome Apps need a different installation method. How to switch to PWAs

LC Easy 4.0

LC Easy provides training and practice on the Library of Congress Classification System. It's designed for new library staff, providing an introductory tutorial and lots of practice, as well as corrective feedback and intervention when necessary. It provides a variety of challenges and offers helpful hints. LC Easy 4.0 also works well for library staff who have been away for some time or are looking for refresher.

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LC Easy 4.0 adds new practice exercises for both beginners and wizards. A new set of call numbers is generated every time you run the drills, incorporating common pitfalls. With new graphics, labels are easier to read and the game fits onto larger screens. LC Easy will run on Windows 10 and Mac OS, as well as iPad, Android, and Chrome OS. For iPad and Android, purchases must be handled through the respective app stores. Chrome OS users may purchase a download license and use the registration code on their Chrome OS device.

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System Requirements

LC Easy 4.0 is installed as an application and registered to the machine or device.

Windows 10+
Mac OS
10.12 or later
Chrome App on Chrome OS or within the Google Chrome browser
iPad with iOS 10 or later
Amazon Fire or Android Tablet, 7" or larger, with Android 4.0 or later