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LibraryTools Mobile Game


Hello! LC Easy and Dewey Easy are training wizard-librarians around the world. As Mary Lou moves on to her next adventure, my wife Lindsey and I will keep Library Tools evolving. I've been running the day-to-day operations of since 2012, talking with many librarians about how LibraryTools works for them.

LC Easy 4.0 and Dewey Easy 3.0 mark big changes for LibraryTools. More drills. Improved graphics. New game engine. Same proven tutorial. Under the hood, the programs are completely rewritten, adding support for Windows 10, macOS, Chrome, Android, iOS, and Kindle Fire. Libraries are redefining themselves in an online world, and LibraryTools is too.

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Mary Lou

LibraryTools Mobile Game

Mary L Kish began LibraryTools in 1991, and the tutorials are based on materials she wrote and developed working with the expertise of librarians. LC Easy dates from 1991, with versions 2 (1996) and 3 (2004) following with expanded program features and upgraded technological requirements. Dewey Easy first released in 1998, was upgraded in 2006. Ever thankful for her thousands of loyal customers, she retired in 2012.

Thanks Mary Lou!